Content Strategy - What's the Point?Understanding The Basics of Content Strategy & Marketing

The Basics of Content Marketing

What's your Story?

Every small business has a story to tell. What's your story? Content Marketing is the avenue for telling your company's story online. What’s the point in having a content strategy for your website? There are literally billions of web pages on the Internet today. And there are thousands, if not millions, of companies competing for traffic to their websites. A strategic content strategy and strong marketing efforts will let your story be told and let your products and services shine.

Does Your Small business Stand Out?

How will your business stand out and stay competitive in today’s online world? Having a stellar content strategy for your small business will ensure a solid content marketing campaign. According to Google, the user is in charge. So, all good content marketing efforts should keep this in mind when creating the strategy answering the well-established questions

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

Content is King

All content created for a website should, therefore, be written with the intent of the user in mind. With all the choices users have today; all of the websites that are asking for their business, it stands to reason that Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is King” in 1996 and it still holds true today.

Content strategy is sharing a set of goals, principles, and success metrics that develop the foundation for results driven content marketing efforts.

Executing Content Strategy

The way we implement the content strategy is through content marketing. We decide what channels we are going to publish content. Typical channels for publishing content are

  • Your own Website
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked-In
  • Linked-In
  • Reputable, Relevant Blogs
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Will Content Marketing Generate Revenue?

Indirectly, yes! Great content marketing shows you or your company is an expert in your field. It is important to make sure that the content you generate for you website is relevant to your industry.

Creating blog posts, FaceBook posts, and Tweets about vegetable gardens when you sell school supplies won’t help generate more traffic or sales for your site. Actually, it might even hurt your website statistics. Driving traffic to a blog post that has nothing to do with your products or services will lead to potentially high click through rates, low conversions resulting in a negative return on investment.


In conclusion, it's all about a solid marketing strategy for your small business executed with relevant, fresh, and unique content in the right places. No point in posting your well created content on a blog for hair loss when you sell CD’s.

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