Content Marketing80% Brainstorming - 20% Creation

Small Business Content Development

Small Business Content Development

Creating unique content that your readers will find valuable is necessary to be competitive in today’s online world. That is why we focus our time on developing powerfully irresistible content solutions that will attract, engage and convert your online audience. We start with building a foundation of content for your website that is original, unique, timeless and always relevant.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

The majority of time spent on a small business content development engagement is brainstorming. We take into consideration components such as: how your audience finds content online, keyword phrases they will use to find you, and the variables that inspire them to take action. Once we have all of the pertinent information gathered for the project, only then will we begin the process of writing powerfully irresistible content that will attract new customers and engage existing customers.

The 10,000 foot view of the phases we go through during our content development are listed below.

Content Marketing Phases at a Glance

  • Phase I - Planning +

    Define target audience and start building the content strategy.
  • Phase II - Research +

    Competitive and keyword research completed along with content assessment.
  • Phase III - Development +

    Complete writing keyword rich content and finalization of content strategy.
  • Phase IV - Implementation +

    Implementation ready documents ready for either you, or Kazimier Consulting, to implement.
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"Content is King."

- Bill Gates, 1996 -

Content Marketing

What to Expect

Content Marketing Strategies

Before we even put pen to paper we create our content Marketing strategy. We like to think of it as a roadmap for content success.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

We create fresh, unique and actionable content for small businesses. Before we start writing we research who the target audience is, relevant industry keywords and phrases, and create a hierarchy of prioritized content with your input.

There are several strategies that we implement in a solid content Marketing engagement. We've listed our top 5 here.

  1. Plan content ahead of time - Write titles for future articels as them come to us
  2. Create fresh, unique content with flare with user intent at forefront
  3. SEO all of our content
  4. Create back links to our content
  5. Make our Content Social
Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Do a search on any search engine for "Content Marketing." Thousand of pages come up with simiar titles from, "100 Content Marketing Strategies You Must Have" to "Small Businesses Don't need a Marekting Strategy." Content Marketing is a hot topic in the online space right now but it's not a new topic. We've been writing for the web since 1999 and there are several constants that remain true

  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Industry Related Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Using Actionable Words and Phrases
  • Test, test, test

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